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Improve runtime with trail running

That's why you should include trail running in your training plan

As a runner, you want to improve your running time and constantly increase your performance. More quickly. Longer. Better. Why trail running helps you to achieve your goals faster and should not be missing in your training plan - we have summarized the advantages for you.

Trail running - a part of running

Running is definitely very multifaceted, after all there are many types of running. Just to name a few: treadmill running, track running, mountain running, road running or trail running.

The training requires no special Devices and you need too none years running lessons graduate With a pair of good shoes and socks, you can basically start walking right away.

Anyone who enjoys running and themselves challenge should have tried trail running once.

What is trail running?

In a nutshell, trail running means outdoors walking nature . The good news is that you don't need mountains to practice trail running.

The even better news: Do you run on the forest road to your favorite host, on a dirt road next to the river or on the meadow path before the forest around the corner from you, then that counts trail running .

The ways can flat or hilly be. Lead you over valleys or mountains. All that matters is that your route away from paved roads runs.

Trail Running vs Road Running | differences

Trail running is generally less about pace and more about effort. road runner measure theirs performance mostly at their maturity. You want a specific one distance in a certain speed complete (pace) and their improve runtime . Roadrunners use pace to determine if their run was successful and if they achieved their goals.

At the trail running stands the experience value first of all. As with any sport, there are competitions. Then the speed is not entirely unimportant here either. However, the running experience is even more important. Trail runners like the variety of a trail, which requires maximum concentration .

You want to be on the hard, soft, wet, dry, rocky or muddy nature of the floor react . They enjoy being challenged and love jumping over logs and roots and to avoid obstacles .

All of these hurdles are asking a lot power and Attention , which tires the body more quickly. Thus, the pace of a road run and that of trail running cannot be compared. Therefore, it is often better to measure the success of a trail run based on perceived effort to be judged on the basis of the completed speed. Above all, those who come from the street run should not be discouraged by their speed.

That's why trail running helps you to improve your running time

the running times be on the street at same distance clear more quickly be than trail running. As previously mentioned, a successful road runner should have his runtimes not with trail running times compare only because same distance was covered. The terrain, the ascent and the altitude difference affect the running speed.

Example : A road runner who can comfortably run a mile in 8 minutes would have to work quite hard to keep up an 11 or 12 minute pace on trails. Depending on experience and type of trail.

Because of this, it's best not to worry too much about what the clock says. Because in the end it cannot be compared and therefore does not say much about your performance!

🕔Why is the runtime improved?

Not only will you fitter , but also fewer injury prone be. Soft soils such as gravel, grass and forest soil are much gentler on yours joints and bones than hard asphalt. When you walk on hard, flat ground, you strain the same with every step muscle fibers and tendons .

When racing up varied The background is the load less monotonous so you can have one too overload individual muscles avoid .

🕔 You concentrate on the essentials

Not only the environment, but also the way you run will change your whole mindset. Running over uneven terrain, full of obstacles and stumbling blocks, requires a certain level of fitness mindfulness . As a result, you concentrate particularly heavily on running itself.

🕔Relaxing break from pace and time pressure

This concentration brings you into the here and now. Yours throughts would you Not constantly around times and Counting rotate , not circling in the past and not in the future. You will automatically live in the moment. Your focus is on running alone.

Every runner will do this as one relief feel. Not having to constantly grapple with pace and tempo is a beneficial one break for the head . And although you physically very spend will, you will simultaneously energy from it scoop . Promised.

🕔Better energy management and body awareness

When trail running, your whole attention at the running . you plan yours steps ahead and think carefully about which one dynamics and effort you will tackle which passage. You listen to your body intensively and get an even better one feeling how you make yours energy balance divide

🕔Less stress

trail running can lead to a meditative habit that stress and everyday problems quickly forget leaves. One Stanford University study reports, for example, that walking in nature leads to relief from anxiety and stress.

🕔 Every run is a little adventure

You will on every trail details perceive that you have not previously paid attention to. Every run is a small one voyage of discovery . You become your environment different and much more aware perceive that on her delight and you from her fascinate to let.

🕔 More casual and relaxed

the mood trail running is often a lot more relaxed . It seems that as runners get older, they become more into trail running attracted feel. Especially if they started out as street runners.

Most people would say trail running is better than road running more casual and is more relaxed. However, one should not be misled into assuming that there aren't any competitive trail runners are. There definitely are!

Regardless of age combine or switch runners to the Trail running because they love nature and want to reach new goals.


Trail running and road running complement each other. While there are key differences between the two types of running, it certainly is sensible , these with each other too combine . Complement trail running with road running and vice versa elevated the spiritual and physical resilience . And everyone can only benefit from that.

The strongest road runner will presumably still have their spiritual validation running routes to get. Just like one trail runner their fulfillment continues on one trails will attain.

However, as a roadrunner, you quickly realize that this is changing combined training with a trail run on the running speed in the street positive affects .

Conversely, a person who trains primarily on trails can benefit from their own when running on the road speed be amazed. Free from boulders, logs, branches and other obstacles, the course will look exceptional fast running time at the street run show immediately.

So it is promising to combine both types of running in your training plan. Do you want your term improve , then you should definitely give trail running a try.

The equipment thing

Trail running can require more equipment than road running. Especially for long distances or more demanding trails, you need more equipment for trail running than for road running. At the road running it needs good running shoes, water and possibly one clock .

At the trail running can and should do that equipment out security reasons be expanded. A Running backpack with hydration bladder , fruit/energy bar, trail running poles for crossing mountains and for steep ascents and descents. Depending on the trail, sometimes a hard hat be necessary and a small one first aid kit should basically always to be there.

That risk of injury is naturally greater in trail running than in street running. For this reason, it also makes it obvious that this sport is a other equipment requires. In this article you can learn everything that belongs to the basic equipment of a trail runner.

Have you taken the plunge into trail running or road running yet? If not, now is your chance. You'll soon die merits of the two types of running for you discover and the positive impact enjoy. As a bonus, yours will training through the different stimuli that each type of running brings with it, loosened up .

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